Get Next to Nature: 7 All Inclusive Resorts for Outdoor Recreation

Are you looking for the best nature vacations? Do you love vacationing and waking up next to nature? There are a lot of resorts that have a natural feel to them and still offer luxurious accommodation.

Some resorts are found in the middle of a lush green environment and have great outdoor activities that will keep your family entertained. The activities range from horseback riding (be sure to check Best Saddle pad for horse riding), fly fishing, hiking, and mountain biking.

Around 68% of Americans plan for vacations every year. Most people are taking the time to spend with their family and friends each year. This helps the family bond to grow and be stronger.

Here are seven all-inclusive resort for outdoor recreation.

1. Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming

If you want to find the perfect nature vacations, you can try the brush creek ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming. This is an all-inclusive perfect getaway resort with 39 cabins and lodge rooms. The place can accommodate around 150 people.

There are many activities in this resort and services that you can take part in. They have skin treatment centers, salon services, and massages.

They have amazing fitness centers where you can work out. If you want to relax a little bit, you can try the saunas, the outdoor hot tub, and the steam rooms.

Also, there is a fire pit dance hall where you can join or go hiking with your friends. All these activities make your trip fun and interesting.

2. Salish Spa and Lodge in Snoqualmie, Washington

You can visit the Salish spa and lodge, which is a 30-minute ride from Seattle. This resort is the perfect escape from your busy schedule and enjoys nature’s resort.

This resort is found at the top of beautiful Snoqualmie Falls where you can hear the sound of the rush water. If you are stressed or you want to find the perfect place to relax, then this resort is the perfect place for you.

If you love and enjoy outdoor activities, you will have the time of your life in this resort. It has access to hiking paths, river rafting activities, mountain biking, fly fishing, and kayaking.

Additionally, they have six local golf courses if you love golfing.

3. Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona

This resort is found in the middle of a desert. When you are in the resort, you would hardly believe that you are in the middle of the desert. The aura in this resort changes and everything feels cool and calm.

The resort transforms your mood, and you feel like a sense of calmness rushing over you. This feeling sets a worry-free stay, and you enjoy being in the resort.

Also, you get to enjoy nature hikes if you love the outdoors. You can go for horseback rides and rock labyrinths with your friends and family.

Additionally, they have dozen of yoga variations and great nature photography. You can visit the onsite beehives and see how beautiful these insects are.

4. Twin Farms Next to Nature in Bernard, Vermont

Twin Farms are the perfect romantic getaway for a couple looking to have a great night. This is an 18th-century farmhouse that has a unique combination of adventure and relaxation. This environment is perfect for a couple or a group of friends who want to spend quality time together.

Some of the outdoor activities in this area include canoeing South Nahanni River, croquet, fly-fishing, and playing tennis. When you visit the resort during winter, you can take part in some of the activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Also, they have room services in the cottages where you can get snacks, drinks, laundry services, and puzzles. Additionally, their services include wine pairings, and all these are included in the night rate.

5. Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado

If you are a fan of the YMCA, then this ranch will a perfect weekend getaway for you and your friends. The property has over 6o miles of hiking trails which are perfect for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Also, you can enjoy activities like fat biking, which is very popular in the resort. Moreover, other fun family activities can be done like dog sledding, snow tubing, and ice skating.

If you like participating in indoor fun activities like roller skating, swimming, rock climbing, and archery you can also try them at the resort.

The accommodation in this resort varies depending on what you like. They have high-end rooms to rustic rooms. Also, there are some units that allow you to have a dog.

If you are looking for great nature resorts, you can find more info on the internet and choose the perfect one for your family.

6. Waterfall Resort Hyadaburg, Alaska

If you are looking for that perfect fish trip with your family, then this resort could be the perfect solution for you. This resort is amazing if you are planning to take part in fly fishing on freshwater rivers.

The resort is found in southeast Alaska at the Prince of Wales Island. If you are lucky, you can even catch silver salmon or the wild kingfish.

Moreover, there is a lot of wildlife if you love sight-seeing. You can decide to take your family and see the deer, bald eagles, humpback whales, sea lions, and black bears.

The meals in this resort are to die for. They have perfect meals which are made from local ingredients in the area, including the fish caught in the rivers.

7. Viceroy Snowmass, Colorado

This is a luxurious resort that is family-friendly and offers a variety of activities all year round. The resort is found at the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains is one of the best ski mountains, and people love spending their ski vacations in these mountains.

The resort features a ski-in and ski-out place which is convenient. Also, they have a great spa where you get to enjoy massages on your own leisure time. Of course, a massage would be great to reduce foot pain from skiing.

If you choose to stay in the hotel and relax for a day. The resort has amazing and comfortable rooms with wireless internet connections.

You can order room service with meals that are personalized according to what you want. Moreover, you can get in-room spa services and great massage without going to the spa.

There are a number of outdoor activities that you can take part in like hiking, fly-fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and snow tubing. Also, you can attend festivals and concerts in the area.

Bottom Line

Vacationing next to nature can be a perfect way to relax with your friends and family. You need to do enough research before deciding where your family should vacation.

Look for some of the activities that you want to try out and if they are offered in the resort of your choice. Visit our blog and learn more about some of the best nature resorts around.