Charter a Sailboat and Visit the Wonderful Mountain Areas of Southern Europe

Have you ever considered chartering a private sailboat to see the mountains in Southern Europe for your next getaway? Whether it is a vacation, honeymoon, family reunion or corporate getaway, it can be a great way to make your getaway special.

Sailboats are the luxury vehicles of the seas. They glide through the water effortlessly and quietly at speeds that rival yachts and offer the same levels of comforts as any personal water craft.

If you are thinking of a vacation or other getaway and you want it to be special, you should consider mountain viewing or climbing in this part of the world. Here are some of the top reasons why.

You Can See Some of the Most Beautiful Mountain Areas of the World

Today you can sail in some of the world’s most beautiful waterways. One fantastic option that is both beautiful and provides calm, warm waters is the Mediterranean Sea. This large body of water located in southern Europe and connecting the continent to North Africa has more than 20 countries on its coasts and many beautiful coastal cities easily available to most sailing ships. Whether you prefer the high end white sand beaches of southern France, the culture, shopping and fine dining of Italy or France, the classic and contemporary mix of the eastern European countries including Albania and Bulgaria, the eastern western mix of Turkey or the old world charm of northern Africa, sailing the Mediterranean can get you to all of these places. Best of all, you can stay as long as you like in the location you love most or visit every location during your getaway.

You can also see some of the most beautiful mountain areas on your stops. The Apennines that run through Italy all along its tail are visible and reachable. The Pyrenees are also reachable and form a divide between Spain and France, with the micro-state Andorra in between.  You can choose to view these from your sailboat or dock your boat near these ranges and do some climbing. Either way, the view is spectacular and it is definitely worth sailing to these areas.

You Can Book Your Sailboat Last Minute

One of the biggest challenges with booking a quality getaway is that most of the things you want to do require a long lead time to book. Whether it is special resort, a stay at a favorite hotel or even a specific city you adore, you will find that there are times when you simply cannot find quality accommodations   that fit your needs. However chartering a yacht through a company like can be done last minute and they will provide you with fully crewed sailboat. So last minute great getaways are available if you choose to sail.

Chartering a Sailboat – Have Climbing Equipment Waiting for You

When you charter a sailboat through they provide an all inclusive package for you if you desire. This means a complete trained crew to sail you vessel, they will handle all of the legalities of getting you in and out of the ports you want and you can even have a chef and other professionals on board to give you the highest levels of pampering.  You can even have climbing equipment waiting for you on the sailboat if you want to take to the mountains when you arrive in the Mediterranean. All you need to do is to provide your list of needs when you call and everything will be prepared when you arrive at the port to get aboard.

For those times when you want to get away to the mountains you should consider chartering a sailboat in the Mediterranean and seeing the beautiful mountains in Southern Europe.