Fitness for Travelers: The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road

Fitness for Travelers

The fact that you are traveling does not mean that you cannot maintain your best shape. You can work out while traveling, and still obtain excellent results without even using a gym or any equipment. It is true that staying in shape while on the road can be difficult, but that should … Read more

Top 10 Winter Sports In the World

A snowmobile tour at Yellowstone National Park

Winter is the time of year when you can enjoy outside games and sports. The advantage of winter sports is you can play games, exert force without even getting sweated. In different countries, the weather varies, and winter conditions also vary there. There are many countries with soothing closeness or a nip in the … Read more

What Is Snow Tubing?

Snow Tubing

Get on top of a snowy hill. Ride an inflatable inner tube. Slide and have fun! That’s basically what snow tubing is about. Once considered as an outdoor winter activity, it can now be done all-season on a typical backyard hill – thanks to snowmaking technologies. However, it’s obviously more enjoyable to … Read more

The History of Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

After the 22nd Winter Olympic Games held last 2014 in Sochi, Russia, the next Winter Olympics scheduled in 2018 will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The administration of South Korea offered North Korea to co-host the games as an effort to build bridges between the two long-standing enemies. South Korea wanted … Read more

The History of Snowboarding

History of Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a snow activity which was invented not as a form of travel but just for fun. Besides skiing and sledding, snowboarding is a common thing to do during winter and has been part of Winter Olympics and Paralympics since 1998 and 2014, respectively. While this sport became popular in the … Read more

Best Mountains for Beginners

Mountains for Beginners

Climbing mountains isn’t meant for everybody. But you don’t have to be everybody if you start with small steps. Sure it might seem like something only people with years of experience can do. While that is true, it only applies to a few very dangerous mountains. For beginners, there are a ton … Read more

Mountain Climbing Safety Tips for First Timers

Mountain Climbing Safety Tips

Planning to go mountain trekking for the first time? It may be exciting, as you’re looking forward to the stunning view you’ll be seeing and the amazing trip you’ll be having, but at the same time, it can be intimidating because of your lack of experience. So, don’t leave home without any … Read more

Popular Summer Mountain Sports

Summer Mountain Sports

Despite the presence of technology, people still love to go outdoors. This is due to the exciting outdoor sports, and one of them is indulging in different types of mountain sports. In fact, technology has made these sports even more exhilarating and safer than ever, by way of much-improved mountaineering gear. Here … Read more