Breuil-Cervinia: The Must-Go Ski Resort of Italy

Breuil-Cervinia is located at the foot of the Matterhorn. The location is in a valley being surrounded by towering and glacier-filled mountains. One notable landmark around it is the rock face of the Jumeaux.

The location made it perfect for the ski resort to provide beautiful sceneries and ideal locations for skiing and other outdoor activities. Breuil-Cervinia is 2,006 meters or 6,581 ft. above sea level. The location shares its physical attributes, especially its skiing area, with Zermatt of Switzerland.

This ski resort is one of the best in the area and even in the entire world. It boasts its very long runs. Its longest one is Ventina, a long 22-kilometer stretch from Testa Grigia up to Cervinia in Italy.

Also, one of the best attributes of Breuil-Cervinia is its long ski season. In winter, it could last for a long an entire six months. However, ski season here also stretches up to the summer season, thanks to its perfect elevated location and significant snowfall.

What to do there in Breuil-Cervinia

Alpine Skiing

There is an area called the Cervino Ski Paradise in the resort, and it was not referred to as a ‘paradise’ for nothing. This spot is famous for being the perfect spot for alpine skiing. It is located at the foot of the Matterhorn. With the high altitude, its central location in the Alps mountain, and the guaranteed existence of good snow, this spot is really a must-see and must-go-to for those who want to do alpine skiing. Not only this, but alpine skiing in this spot offers a long path for skiers who want borderless and limitless thrill in skiing.

Alpine skiing in this spot is suitable for all levels of ability, for its scenery and terrain variety, including the glaciers of up to 3,500 meters above sea level and forests of 1,600 meters in coverage.

Alpine skiing may choose to opt for the route they want. On the other hand, freeriding enthusiasts can also opt for their preferred terrain. If you are bringing your children with you, not to worry because there are also playground areas where your children can also play and learn skiing. This is one way to encourage skiing among children at a young age for those who want their children to learn the skill.

Ski Mountaineering

If you want to walk in the snow without thinking of possibly sinking into it, fresh air, and witness the rich and scenic fauna of the area, Breuil-Cervinia has that. This is perfect for ski mountaineering.

Again, this area’s high altitude and year-round snow provide people with an ideal ski mountaineering spot. This can even hold competitive skiing in international events.

For those who want to experience ski mountaineering, there are two famous trails for enthusiasts of this activity in The Plan Maison area of Cervinia. Still, there are also other existing ones apart from these famous two. This can be reached either by ski lift and/or gondola lift from the town. The first trail is around 4.5 km long, while the second trail is longer with around 6 kilometers. These trails are beautiful and are assured with signposts for safety.

Some of these trails take around two to three hours to take. The resort management encourages their customers and tourists, especially the ski mountaineers, to have ample self-protection for extra assurance. You may check these foot health care tips for skiers.

Night Skiing

For couples who want to participate in a romantic experience in the resort, the establishment actually offers a night skiing package that includes a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants uphill. After the dinner, the package would lead you into a romantic downhill stroll under the moonlight, especially memorable with moonlight. You may also opt for a skiing ride as skiing instructors also accompany you.

If you are planning to experience night skiing, note that the night skiing packages’ schedule and specific dates are subject to change due to weather conditions.

Ski Schools

There are around 200 ski instructors in Breuil-Cervinia teaching skiing lessons. There are instructions in the management who specialize in various skiing activities, including downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, and cross-country skiing. There are also private and group lessons for those who wish to learn the craft. Their quality lessons also include the most modern equipment to ensure maximum quality experience and safety.

These skiing lessons are suitable for all types of learners of different ages and different levels of skill. Athletes can also train here since instructors also include qualified federal trainers and national instructors. Given the scenic and ideal location, these instructions would really maximize their learning experience.

There is enough reason to go to Breuil-Cervinia and enjoy the experience with all these activities awaiting you.