Best Tourist Spots at Beech Mountain

Beech Mountain is a popular tourist location in North Carolina, and it is even considered by some tourists to be the recreational mecca of the United States’ East Coast because of how many activities you can do or participate in within the area. If you are planning an outdoor trip with your friends or family members, we are here to help you know which spots you should visit in Beech Mountain. So, here are some of the best tourist spots in Beech Mountain that offer the best sceneries and services for visitors.

Beech Mountain Resort

There is a reason why most tourists visit Beech Mountain during the winter season, and that is to go skiing at the Beech Mountain Resort, which is considered to be the most popular spot in the town. The resort is located at the top of Beech Mountain and has a base elevation of 5,505 feet above sea level. Because of this high elevation, the resort is regarded as the highest ski resort in North America. The Beech Mountain resort is the perfect location for tourists to go skiing, mountain bikes, and sledding. Besides those activities, the Beech Mountain Resort also offers various establishments, like the Village Bakery, the Sky Bar, and their own brewery.

The Buckeye Recreation Center

The next popular tourist spot at Beech Mountain is the Buckeye Recreation Center, a facility that provides tourists with indoor activities like volleyball, basketball, and others. In addition, the recreation center also has a playroom where children aged 12 and below can enjoy playing with various toys and activities. During the spring to fall seasons, the Buckeye Recreation Center also offers outdoor activities like tennis, trail hiking, and fishing. So, you would never run out of things to do in the Buckeye Recreation Center. If you are going to visit The Buckeye Recreation Center, be sure to book a room at some of the best vacation places to stay near the center so that you can go there easily.

Land of Oz

Land of Oz is a famous theme park in Beech Mountain that has opened in 1970 and is currently owned by Emerald Mountain, Inc. As already apparent in its name, the Land of Oz is based on the fictional place of the same name that appears in Wizard of Oz books written by L. Frank Baum. The theme park was first owned and commissioned by the Carolina Caribbean Corporation, who asked for the guidance of Grover Robbins (one of the owners of Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, North Carolina) and Jack Pentes for the overall design of the park. Unfortunately, the park closed in 1980 due to financial issues. However, the Land of Oz reopened in September 2019, although they are only open for tours done on certain days of the week. Be sure to visit the wonderful Land of Oz on a Friday to experience the “Journey with Dorothy Tours” or visit it during September for the largest Wizard of Oz festival in the United States called Autumn of Oz.

Emerald Outback

Next on the list is the Emerald Outback, a destination popular amongst hikers because of its amazing sights. The Emerald Outback features about 7 miles or 11.3 kilometers or trail, and most of the terrain you will be walking or running on can be very challenging, thus making the trail unsuitable for beginners. So, you should only trek the Emerald Outback if you are already an experienced hiker. To go to the Emerald Outback, you can go inside a lift, which is open from June to September. Inside the lift of the resort are trays where you can place mountain bikes that you will use to traverse the trail.


If you want to experience snow tubing, then you should visit Hawksnest, which is a location near Beech Mountain that is considered to be the East Coast’s biggest snow tubing park. Because Hawksnest primarily focuses on snow tubing, the areas where you can do the said activity are pretty huge, with the biggest having a length of 1000 feet or 305 meters. In addition to snow tubing, you can also try their two zip line tours that will enable you to go from one area of the park to another in just a few seconds. During the zip line tour, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful sceneries that Beech Mountain and the nearby towns have to offer.

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain is a non-profit tourist attraction that is located near Beech Mountain and the county of Linville in North Carolina. There are many great spots that you can visit in Grandfather Mountain, including the Grandmother Gap, the Linville River, and the famous High Swinging Bridge. There are also trail areas in the Grandfather Mountain that you can trek, with some being easy for beginners while others can provide a challenge for veterans. The most popular event held in Grandfather Mountain is the Highland Games, a traditional festival held every year to celebrate the town’s Scottish lineage.

Visit at least one or two of these tourist attractions to make your trip to North Carolina worth it, although it would be best if you can visit all of these spots in a week. Make sure that you also visit other places in North Carolina besides Beech Mountain, as the state also offers other attractions that you will truly enjoy.