Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Island Peak

Island Peak is one of the most underestimated mountains to climb by several people. That’s why if you want to stand high in the Himalayas at 20,305 feet, you will need to do the climb up to the summit of Island Peak seriously and make sure that you are in the excellent physical condition. You have enough mountaineering skills to match. That’s why in this article, we are going to help you do just that by giving you some tips before you go climbing up the summit of Island Peak.

Make sure that you have the appropriate training – 

Keep in mind that Island Peak is a steep climb and hike. You will go through 16,732 feet up to 20,305 feet with mixed steep rocky scree, scrambling, you will even have to cross glaciers with ladders, plus you will have to go through a steep headwall if you want to reach the summit. Climbing Island Peak is a very strenuous ascent, and it will start after you walked for twelve days to the base the mountain. That’s why you need to prepare yourself physically before taking on the challenge to climb Island Peak.

Make sure you buy your mountaineering boots early –

If you have worn a pair of mountaineering boots before, then you can be pretty aware that they can be extremely rigid and more substantial compared to regular hiking boots. This means that they can be quite challenging to walk in. That’s why we suggest that you wear worn-in mountaineering boots before you proceed to your climb so that you will less likely experience foot pain as you climb the mountain. Remember that picking the right boots is also one of the things that you should remember because this will give you a better chance of reaching the summit. We do not recommend you to rent a pair of mountaineering boots because it can hurt your feet and ruin your trip.

Make sure that you have the right clothes and gear –

The temperatures in Island Peak can range from +20 degrees Celsius to -15 degree Celsius. That is why you have to come prepared if you want to successfully reach the summit. Once you are on Island Peak, expect that you will not be able to see any lodges, that is why you will have to bring a tent with you if you want to climb Island Peak. Aside from that, the temperature can get quite unpredictable. That is why, along with your mountaineering boots, you should have all the right gears with you, such as jackets and sweaters, to help you on your ascent Island Peak.

Hire qualified climbing guides –

Sadly, there are a lot of local guiding companies around Island Peak that offers guided climbs with new tour guides. That is why before you settle everything, make sure that you have done your research when it comes to the right climbing guide in Island Peak. So that you can ensure your safety while enjoying the view.

Always make sure that you are safe throughout your trip –

The trail to the top of Island Peak offers some hazards, which is why you need to know about them before you embark on your journey. Your hired guide will lead you to safety throughout the trail, but you also have to be alert and aware of drop-offs, landslide regions, yaks, and mules. Always remember to stay on the mountainside of the trail when you’re passing or when someone is passing and make sure that you always check your surroundings as well. Even if you have a hired guide, it is still your responsibility to make sure that you are safe.

Know how you adapt at altitude –

Don’t forget, altitude sickness is real, which is why it is essential to understand how your body adjusts to height. To train your body how to adapt with altitude, we suggest that you go on several climbs and minor treks before you climb Island Peak.

Learn how to tie knots –

If you’re going to climb Island Peak, make sure that you know how to tie different kinds of climbing knots such as the Italian Hitch. These knots will help you on your ascent to the summit of Island Peak. If you’re a beginner and this is your first time to climb Island Peak, then you can do some research about tying different kinds of climbing knots before your climb so that you will be safe and well-prepared.