Baldy and Dollar: The Best of Sun Valley Ski Resort

If you are looking for pristine mountain vistas, trails that are groomed perfectly for skiers, and long trails thrill-seekers seek to overcome; then you should definitely visit and experience Sun Valley Ski Resort.

The area is a fusion of Europe’s old-world style and America’s wild west vibe. They have liftlines and not a single snooty hullaballoo on sight to distract both experienced skiers and amateurs alike. With a whopping elevation of 5,920 feet (1,805 m) above sea level, Sun Valley is a bucket-list must-have for skiers, and here’s a guide on how you can tick it off of that list.

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Where is Sun Valley located?

Sun Valley Ski Resort is in Blaine County in Idaho, United States. The location is near the city of Ketchum and the greater Wood River valley. Getting to Sun Valley can be done through several means and routes. Direct flights fly to the Sun Valley area through six U.S cities, which are Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. From Boise Airport, a shuttle can take you to the Sun Valley Lodge.

There are also scheduled passenger airline services via the Friedman Memorial Airport located in nearby Hailey. This is an estimated 15 miles (25 km) south. You may also take the Galena Summit on State Highway 75 on the way to Sun Valley. Rest assured, your travels will be convenient with these options, and in no time, you can finally arrive at Sun Valley ski resort to have the best of time.

Skiing in Sun Valley

The perfection of a ski resort and its skiing experiences mostly depends on the climate of the location. Sun Valley climate is described as dry-summer continental. With its high altitude, temperature variation is highly occurring. On the hot days between July and August, the temperature is slightly higher than the freezing point. Meanwhile, winter offers sub-zero, while days usually average around freezing.

There are two central mountains in Sun Valley. These two are the highlights of the Sun Valley experience for skiers. These are the Bald Mountain and the Dollar Mountain.

Bald Mountain, or ‘Baldy,’ as it is commonly known, is 9,150 feet (2,790 m) high with an astounding vertical drop of 3,400 feet (1,035 m). Bald Mountain boasts its terrain with many pitches, with different degrees of difficulty for every single skier: experienced, professional, or amateur. The area also features a vertical drop and a minimal wind location. With all these on its back, Bald Mountain is often referred to as one of the world’s best ski mountains.

Sun Valley management has also added thirteen chairlifts and 65 varied runs on both sides of the mountain. Aside from this, the management has also added themed Adventure Trails for kids and 30 acres of glade ski and boarding terrain for all.

The second highlight mountain found in Sun Valley ski resort is also the famous Dollar Mountain. This location is just right off of Sun Valley lodges and is typically recommended for beginner and amateur skiers. Dollar Mountain has a treeless-feature, making it ideal for learner skiers who are not yet accustomed or experienced in ski trailing. The location is 6,638 feet (2,023 m), offering a vertical drop of 628 feet (191 m). Dollar Mountain also has a reputation of being more family-oriented in its features for its various accesses to backcountry adventure, full-featured terrain park that offers 76 rails, and its uphill transporter called Wundercarpet.

These two are the main attractions in the ski resort, and skiers worldwide have been traveling to Sun Valley to experience not just these two highlight mountains but also their other lifts, rides, and high-quality accommodations.

Adaptive sports for the disabled

Amidst its glorious features and fascinating locations for skiing, Sun Valley management promotes inclusivity in its resort features as it also launched sports programs for disabled people. This means that disabled people can still have a quality experience at Sun Valley ski resort, an experience where they can feel as if they are just as able as others.

Among the adaptive sports offered by Sun Valley ski resort is local DSUSA Chapter – Higher Ground Sun Valley; Wood River Ability Program; Sage Brush Equine Training Center for the Handicapped, and Camp Rainbow Gold, a youth cancer program.