A Recent History of Gambling Advertising

A Recent History of Gambling Advertising

Betting and wagering have been around in some form or another since the earliest of human civilizations. Our attitude toward gambling has changed throughout history. At times it has been openly celebrated, while other times, it’s been forced underground. The history of advertising games of chance has also seen some ups and … Read more

Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai This 2021

Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai This 2021

Visiting Dubai is like going to a wonderland. The city has invested a lot to attain certain world records: The world’s highest tower (Burj Khalifa) The world’s most luxurious hotel (Burj Al Arab) The world’s largest shopping mall (The Dubai Mall) Basically, Dubai is a fantastic city with so much to offer, … Read more

Truck Camping Guide

Truck Camping Guide

After months of being bored and cooped up, everyone needs to escape to have a great outdoor adventure to soothe their soul and feel almost normal. Well, what can be more safest and hottest than having an adventure truck camping in the covid-19? Truck camping is an exciting and helpful way to … Read more

When Do You Need Spy Apps On Your Smartphone?

person holding a smartphone with many apps

Today in the digital age, technology has brought many changes in the lives of people. Among the many innovations out there, smartphones are indeed the most influential. It provides a lot of benefits and may help in finishing tasks easier and faster. While many people love the benefits of the apps that … Read more

How to Nail Your Next Triathlon

How to Nail Your Next Triathlon

Every athlete’s dream is to cross the finish line like an Olympian, with a strong finish kick and arms raised in victory. On top of feeling like a real ace, we all want that perfect finisher snapshot, don’t we?  The keys to getting the best results in your triathlon race have as … Read more

The Game-Changer Of Supercharged Turbo Engines

The Game-Changer Of Supercharged Turbo Engines

Cars are not only a means of basic necessity or luxury anymore. It has become a passion sector for many. People live to improvise their vehicles and make the most out of the engines. Tesla, Ford, Lamborghini, and other leading car companies are racing minds to bring one more mile out of … Read more

Tips on Mountain Climbing for New Climbers

beginner climbing, new climbers, mountain climbing tips, climber hacks

Humans have been blessed with talent. Some talents turn into hobbies, while others remain the same as a talent to be utilized. Mountain climbing is a hobby adopted by many individuals that means climbing mountains. Mountain climbers seek fascination in climbing peaks and exploring new places. While most of them climb mountains … Read more

Purgatory Resort at Durango Mountain, Colorado

View from Durango, San Juan Mountains during Fall season

WINTER STATS SUMMIT ELEVATION: 10,822 ft / 3,299 m BASE ELEVATION: 8,793 ft / 2,680 m HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 am-4:00 pm SKIABLE AREA: 1,605 acres / 650 hectares TERRAIN PARKS: 4 Annual Snowfall: 260 in / 660 cm Colorado is known for its high plains, forests, vivid landscape … Read more

How to Play Baccarat Online Casino

How to Play Baccarat Online Casino

Regardless of its reputation as a sophisticated recreation favored by excessive waves, Online Baccarat may be the most straightforward desk recreation to be taught to perform. There are simply three potential bets to play; moreover, the punter has no extra selections to make as soon as the guess position. All the things … Read more

What are the mountain ranges on the Moon?

black and white, oblique view of southern Montes Caucasus, facing north

Early researchers and observers of the Moon assumed that the large flat plains on the lunar surface were seas because they did not know that water was absent on the Moon’s dry, airless surface. They named them “maria,” the Latin for “seas,” singular “mare” pronounced as “mah-ray,” not knowing that a totally … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in South America

blue sky, numerous brown-colored mountains

A mountain range refers to a series of diverse mountains aligned and joined together by a status. Different mountain ranges are found everywhere on the planet. Like the Andes, several mountain ranges, Cordillera Blanca, Mantiqueira Mountains, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and many more, are found in South America. 1. Andes Mountains The Andes range of mountains is perhaps the biggest and also the longest formation in South America. Its length reaches … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in Europe

view of the Alps mountains

Europe is pure magnificence when it comes to winter destinations as it is home to some of the world-class and extraordinary ski resorts, such as Zermatt in Switzerland, Courchevel Tourisme in France,  Innsbruck in Austria, and many more. Europe is a smorgasbord of rich culture, timeless structures like castles and cathedrals, beaches with the finest … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in Australia

aerial view of the long mountain ranges in Australia

Mountain Ranges are a group of mountains that are geographically close to each other, usually separated by valleys or mountain passes. With Australia being the largest country in Oceania and 6th in the whole world by total area, it’s bound to have a lot of them. Here are some of the longest mountain ranges in Australia: … Read more

Visit Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah

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Winter Mountain Stats Skiable Acreage: 2,026 acres/ 820h Uphill Lift Capacity: 51,070 skiers per hour Gondola: 1 High-speed Quads: 13 Triple Chairlifts: 5 Double Chairlifts: 2 All Lifts: 21 All Runs: 103 Base Elevation: 6,570’/2,003 m Summit Elevation: 9,570’/2,917 m Summer Mountain Stats Trail Mileage: 67 Number of Trails: 48 High-speed Quads: … Read more

What are the Longest Mountain Ranges in Antarctica

Transantarctic Mountains, Northern Victoria Land, view from close to Cape Roberts

Antarctica is the place of the extremes-coldest, driest, and windiest region, and home to the world’s most massive and mysterious landmasses on the planet. Antarctica’s frozen realm stretches out to cover over 14 million square kilometers, making it the fifth-largest continent in the world. The Antarctic Circle consistently has below zero temperature … Read more

Spend A Colorful Winter at Red Mountain, BC, Canada

skiers waiting for the helicopter to land

Skiable area: 3850 acres Vertical Drop: 887 m Top elevation: 2,072 m Base elevation: 1,185 m Marked Runs: 119 Longest run: 7 km 16% Beginner 47% Intermediate 37% Expert From lakes, valleys, hills, and mountains, North America never ran out of surprises and fun for everyone who wishes to escape from the … Read more

The History of Mining in California

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The California Gold Rush started in early 1848 in the Sacramento Valley with the discovery of gold nuggets. Prospective gold miners, about a thousand of them, traveled to San Francisco and the surrounding area. California’s non-native population grew to 100,000 and later to approximately 300,000, visibly more than the population of 1,000 … Read more

Val d’Isere Ski Resort

Val d'Isere’s panorama

RESORT STATS Piste total length: 150km Resort Elevation: 1850m Highest Lift: 3450m Beginner slopes: 170km Intermediate slopes: 78km Difficult slopes: 52km Gondola: 11 Chairlift: 42 T-bar lift: 33 A Tarentaise Valley’s commune, in the Savoie department part of the Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France, Val d’Isère is a ski resort that lies … Read more

Top Historical Mines to Visit in California

a cottage made of rocks from the mine

Dubbed with various nicknames such as Cali, the El Dorado State, the Land of Milk and Honey, the Golden State, the Sunshine State, the Grape State, and the Golden West-California is not just a state but one of the best states and perhaps the wealthiest state in the US. With its vast … Read more