Andermatt Ski Resort and its Vast Ski Areas

Switzerland is home to skiing, which began in the 19th century and blossomed during the first eight decades of the 20th.

While the British visitors delight in ski resorts of France, Austria, and Italy, as these Alpine neighbors have their own strength, yet in many respects, Switzerland is still a hard-to-beat skiing destination. It has the advantage of the most dramatic mountain scenery and the most charming traffic-free old mountain villages, superb and homey mountain restaurants, and some of the most impressive ski runs.

Besides the very popular mountain that climbers dream to conquer, Switzerland’s ski resorts like ZermattSt. Moritz, and Verbier are always crowded with visitors during the winter season. For most British and Europeans, it is the perfect winter wonderland that offers almost everything-great food, nightlife, hotels, shops, and the best ski spot that you need for a holiday break.


A traditional Swiss mountain village, Andermatt has several unique features that are an edge from other ski areas. The train is part of the lift pass and the awesome sled run on the closed Oberalp pass road, to name just two.

Andermatt Sedrun, SkiArena, this ski arena in Andermatt is comprised with excellent quality powder, approximately 30 runs, and over 100 km of pistes for serious free riders. The combined cold storms from all directions ensure a deep alpine snowpack, specifically in April, with 1500m vertical descents off Gemsstock.

Train services help in the easy access to Andermatt-Sedrun ski resort run by the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (train). This is the sole means of transportation available to travel from Andermatt (Nätschen and Gemsstock) to Oberalp, Dieni, and Sedrun, and perhaps the world’s biggest lift, terrain, and connectivity expansion in recent history. This makes a sought-after destination for families plus skiers and snowboarders of all abilities and preferences.

On the other hand, traveling between Andermatt, Hospental, and Realp can also be journeyed by car.

Andermatt Sedrun, SkiArena Stats

Runs: 32 (120km)

6 expert (36km)

17 intermediate (56km)

9 easy (28km)

6 off-piste

Lift system: 19 total lifts

2x 4-man chairlifts

1x detachable 4-man chairlift

6x detachable 6-man chairlift

6x T-bars

1x 8-man gondola lift

1x 10-man gondola lift

2x cable cars

Terrain parks: 1 park

1 halfpipe

1 ski cross course

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German poet who first drew attention to Andermatt’s tourism appeal in his writings about the mountain villages in the 18th century.

Oberalp Sedrun, Andermatt

Elevation: 1444 m – 2600 m (Difference 1156 m)

Ski slopes: 70km

18km easy

40km intermediate

12km difficult

Ski lifts: 13

The ski resort is situated in the Disentis Sedrun Holiday Region (Eastern Switzerland, Graubünden). This ski area is the largest in the region. In the winter of 2018, the Oberalp Pass and Dieni near Sedrun have been completely linked by lifts and slopes to create a single winter sports area. The construction of the Schneehüenerstock-Express, a 10-person cable car completed the linking.

The ski resort includes Nätschen and Gütsch over the Schneehüenerstock to the Oberalp Pass and on via Calmut, Val Val, and Cuolm Val to Dieni near Sedrun.

Gemsstock Ski Resort, Andermatt

Skiers and snowboarders heading to this area in Andermatt can enjoy 31 km of slopes, and 6 km of ski routes are situated between 1,444 and 2,961 m. There are 4 lifts that transport guests.

The ski resort of Gemsstock is a haven for fearless and too adventurous ski athletes and experts as this area exclusively have challenging and intermediate slopes for skiing and snowboarding, including the renowned Berhhardt-Russi-Run glacier slope.

On the Gemsstock at almost 3,000 meters, you can see a panoramic view of over 600 peaks, the glacier runs, and many off-piste runs in open terrain. Freeriders are mostly attracted to visit this resort, but it also has a lot to offer to classic alpine skiers. Skiers who are thirsty for more slopes and want to maximize the visit to the resort can start from the summit of the Gemsstock down to the valley in Andermatt, where black slopes can be found.

The “King of the Mountain” is the most popular open freeride event in Switzerland held in this resort.


June to September are the best months to visit Andermatt in Switzerland when the resort has a freezing temperature, but little till mediocre rainfall. The resort’s average climate is 7°C and 2°C, but the highest average temperature is 16°C in July, and the lowest is -3°C in January. The weather and climate are perfect for winter sports.