A Guide to Women’s Top Hat Styles through the Year

Nowadays, hats are considered one of the best and most important fashion accessories. You cannot make your outfit complete without purchasing an attractive hat. If you don’t know how to increase your fashion statement with headgear, you need to purchase high-quality hats.

Most hats and hair accessories have some primary purposes such as protecting your skin and hair from sun rays, but they are also capable of adding an extra layer to your outfit to make it look more beautiful.

Continue reading this article to know about the hats you can wear in the specific seasons of the year.

Hats for Warm Weather

Most women assume that they cannot wear womens top hat during the hot summer days. However, this is a great misconception. The top hats for women are great for warm weather as they have higher breathability than the other hats. It will help you cool down your head. Here are some warm-weather hat styles you need to consider:

  • Sun hat: Nothing can beat the flexibility and comfort of the sun hat. Not only the sun hats are extremely glamorous but also provide a great extent of shade to your eyes. These hats are also capable of elevating the elegance factor. No matter what you choose to wear, you can easily enhance the beauty of your outfit with the sun hat. Make sure you purchase a couple of sun hats so that you can wear hats of different brim widths as per the strong rays of the sun.
  • Panama hat: Despite the name suggests the Panama hats were originated from Ecuador. This widely brimmed and breezy hat is extremely effective during hot and humid days. You can also wear this hat for beachside pool parties. However, keep in mind that the Panama hats are more formal than the sun hat. Therefore, make sure you pair the hats with formal outfits. Even though you can choose informal outfits, make sure the colors of the hats are complimenting your fashion sense.
  • Boater: This is an alternate version of the sun hats. The boater comes with a slightly more compact brim. Therefore, it works best for occasions like garden parties. Make sure you embrace your styling senses by pairing the boater with tailored leg pants and a white silk tank. You can also choose to wear a jumpsuit with the boater.
  • Visor: This is one of the best sun hats when you want to showcase your ponytail, braid, chignon, or top know while also staying protected from the sun rays. An attractive leather band with the Visor will provide you more aesthetic look, while the straw patterns will provide a seaside spirit. As per Aesthetically chic beauty, aesthetic fashion is important.

Cool-Weather Styles

Even though women prefer wearing hats during the hot summer days, there are some specific hats that you can wear during the cold winter days. The primary purpose of the winter hats is to protect your face and ear from chilly wind, but they can also showcase your fashion statement. Here are some winter hat styles for women you need to know.

  • Beret: The Beret is adorned by poets, painters, and beatniks. Even though the Beret was one of the most popular hat styles in the 80s, modern-day women are also choosing Beret as their primary headgear during the winter days. Pair the Beret with a flowing and turtleneck shirt. You can also wear this hat with jeans or a sweater so that you can get a complementary shade.
  • Felt: Whether it’s American style or French vibes, the Felt hats are extremely effective during the cold winter days. Pair a floppy or felt fedora hat with something eye-catching to complete your outfit.

All-Seasons Styles

Despite the seasons, there are some specific types of hats for women that you can wear anytime you want. Here are some all-seasons style hats you should know.

  • Baseball Cap: The baseball hat might have a sporty appearance, but fortunately you don’t need to be an athlete to wear the baseball hat. A neon or black leather hat can provide you street style appearance while also bringing the aesthetic look to its peak. You can pair the baseball hats with your summer outfits. Even though these hats can be worn during the winter days, make sure it’s comfortable.
  • Cowboy Hat: One of the most famous and widely regarded hats in the fashion industry, the cowboy hat is great to showcase your western clothing statement. Ever since the cowboy hats started getting introduced in Western movies, the popularity of cowboy hats expanded. The western vibe will not only make sure you look more beautiful, but also enhance your personality. However, make sure you pair the cowboy hats with proper western outfits.


This is everything you need to know about hats. Before purchasing the perfect hats, make sure you determine your usage. This way you can know which hat will be perfect for the specific season. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the materials. Despite your choice, always go for high-quality materials for your hats.