8 Life Lessons You Only Understand After Playing Slots

It may not sound possible at first, but once you become a better gambler, you’ll be somewhat amazed at what lessons you will learn. Plus, what should be even more astonishing to you as you improve your gambling skills is how frequently the lessons learned in a casino can be applied to real life. 

The most interesting thing about these life lessons is that you will pick them up at just about any casino game. However, we’ll point to the slot machines as being responsible for the life lessons that will be shared and examined here. So, let’s get right to it and see what learned at the slots can be considered life lessons.

1. Rules

There are specific rules for gambling. Then there are different types of rules for every type of gambling game at a casino. Slot machines, which may appear to be the easiest of the casino games to play, also have very precise rules of play. 

In real life, we are also faced with many rules and guidelines. Some are what could be considered common sense while others are to regulate and control circumstances. If we don’t understand and follow the rules in the casino, we can’t do the same outside of the casino. 

2. Chasing Bonuses

Slot machines are notorious for throwing big bonus spins at you (here’s a list of the biggest wins reported in recent history). Sure, there are winners but if you continue to choose to stretch your gambling budget to chase after something that is far from guaranteed, you are very likely going to end up on the losing end of the spin.  

The same basic premise exists in real life. You’ve heard the saying, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? That demonstrates our point that spending money on empty promises will only reduce the amount of money you have to spend on necessities.  Also, be sure to check out these handy tips for playing slots as well.

3. Lack Of Understanding

When you sit at a slot machine and keep feeding it bills or credits without much reason other than to ‘hopefully’ hit a jackpot of some kind, it is a sign (some people do it, but it is NOT as often as you may think). It shows that although you may know what you are doing, you clearly don’t fully understand the ramifications of your actions.

It’s a lot like speaking your mind in public without realizing that in some circumstances you may say something that hurts someone’s feelings. Being oblivious of this possibility means you do not understand the impact your words may have on others around you.

4. Set Limits

There is nothing wrong with spending time in a casino for entertainment purposes. It’s also a better plan to do so with a spending budget in mind. What makes that budget work best is if you stick to it and call it a night once you reach the end of what you wanted to spend.

This is a very good life lesson because overspending is what puts people in debt. Yes, there are such things as good debts but the bad ones – those with high-interest rates – are the ones that cause the biggest problems. Living within a set budget helps control this.

5. Set Limits On Everything

Slot machines can teach us a lot about setting multiple limits. For example, you may have set an overall gambling budget for tonight of $50. How you use that at the slots will also require limits. You can make $1 bets and stretch it out or go heavy with larger bets.

The lesson here is control. You can go grocery shopping with $50 and buy a whole lot of smaller items with that or just a few larger ones. It depends on what you need. By setting limits on everything that can be controlled you will be better off in the long run.

6. Money Management

This is a tricky one, especially in a casino. Playing the slots with a budget of $50 is a good idea. But when you win a jackpot of $100 with that budget, what do you do? If you end up gambling with all of that you end up losing $150 instead of with a $100 profit.

In life, there are times when you hit ‘jackpots’ when spending money. Buying things on sale is a good example. If you saved $25 grocery shopping today by purchasing wisely, you are $25 ahead if you don’t spend that in addition to your original grocery budget.

7. Ignore The Flash

Casinos are pretty tricky in how they are laid out. There are specific sections for a reason and the flashing lights on slot machines are meant to grab your attention. Once hooked, you may never leave that area because of how it appears to you as busy and fun.

Essentially, we are drawn to visuals that pull us away from other things. Shopping for big-ticket items can be quite a chore with many flashy signs and gimmicks getting in the way of common sense. Don’t let yourself be played by things that appear greater than they are.

8. It’s Only A Game

The best lesson to come from time spent in a casino is that although the machines are quite sophisticated at the slot machine section, they are just a game. Keeping this in mind will help when it is time to leave and go home or to do something else.

In life, almost everything we do can be considered a game of some kind. Going to work daily and completing tasks to receive a reward each week or month is much like a game. The idea here is to not take things seriously and to try to find enjoyment in everything.

In Conclusion

Lucian Marinescu, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, states that “many life lessons can come from spending time at the slot machines. What truly makes the difference is whether or not you choose to apply them to both your playing life and real life. Plus, these valuable life lessons can be used in many other settings as well and as teaching tools for others in your life.”