7 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Shop for an OTT Platform

Today there are many OTT platforms available. So it can be confusing and stressful to choose where to sign up. Between the live chat advisors, the sales jargon, and special features, you cannot help but wish to get a straight answer. For instance, the OTT service of the entertainment industry is a boom, and you can sign up to the Pirate Bay and start streaming to have an idea. But, for other industries, take your time to review the many services out there. In this way, you can decide which company suits your needs and has the best interests at heart, and your money will give you value. Below are questions to ask as you look for an ideal OTT service.

1. Can you live stream? 

The future of video is live streaming. It has the potential to reach millions of customers with just one click. Now, the video live streaming market is growing. And in the future, it can double or triple in growth. According to research, live streaming encourages more engagement from the audience. Plus, if you are using it for your business, it not only engages them but retains them more than a prerecorded video. Therefore, if live streaming is not what you plan to deliver to your consumers, it’s time to consider using it. One day, it will be the only way to stay competitive.

2. Can you bulk upload your videos 

The goal of most of the OTT platforms is to ensure everything is frictionless. Thus, a key feature to consider is the possibility of bulk uploading of the service you choose. Regardless of quality, video bulk uploading should be possible to get as much content as you possibly need. After all, it is frustrating to be stuck in your computer as you wait for your fifth video to upload.

3. Do they offer the major OTT players?

Are the OTT apps they are offering on your devices what you need? The industry has big players you need to target even though you do not start with them. Therefore, knowing you can create all the apps your customers need is a good sign of growth and longevity. Therefore, ensure your OTT platform has options.

4. Do you accept global payments? 

The majority of Wi-Fi-connected countries have OTT services available to the people. Therefore, your product will get a wide-reaching potential audience. So take advantage of this, even if you have to use the odd payment options for various continents, but you need the ability to accept global payments. So, check if the OTT platform you want to purchase provides this feature.

5. Do the apps allow secure downloads?

Having secure downloads is a vital part of OTT. Since your users, especially in niches like yoga, fitness, or education, want to download the videos and watch them later. However, does your OTT platform allow you to do this securely with protection for both the customer and yourself? Consider this to ensure it does not affect this aspect of your business.

6. Do they offer free maintenance and updates?

Every OTT platform should aim to improve its service. Thus, check if they offer to update your apps to the latest versions and if it is for free. Plus, as they make the updates, are they also performing maintenance on your apps and website, or do you have to maintain your apps. Free updates and maintenance should be a standard for any package you choose. So, before you commit, check if they offer them for free.

7. Can you categorize the videos? 

The most overlooked feature and the simplest is the ability to categorize your videos. If you can categorize your videos. It makes the user experience better for you know where all your content is, and you control how they find your content as they browse your library. It makes finding specific videos easy on topics they care a lot to view. Additionally, does the platform you are looking for have the custom filtering option? By allowing your viewers to filter the content by author, duration, intensity, among other things, you guarantee your users a personalized user experience.