5 Reasons to Make a Campervan Vacation Your Next Trip Away

Taking a vacation in a campervan gets more and more popular every year. Many people want to experience a taste of the #VanLife, and make some memorable Instagrammable moments, but campervans have so much more to offer than that. Here are our top five reasons to make a campervan vacation your next trip away.

Spend Your Money Wisely and You Can Make A Saving

Taking a campervan holiday can be very cost effective. A campervan is your accommodation and transportation combined in one cute and cheap to run package. Vacations can be very expensive, especially if you are taking a resort vacation with your food and beverages included. You can also save a lot of money on meals in a campervan, as you can cook for yourself when you wish, and spend the money elsewhere.

Explore a New Place on Your Own Terms

Campervan vacations are a great way to explore and discover everything a place has to offer. You can visit National Parks, beaches – anywhere you want! Iceland has become a popular place to visit, and campervans are well suited to the island of ice and fire. If you want to know more about campervanning in Iceland, go here for more information on how to book the best campervan vacation.

Take Control of Your Food, Make Your Own Meals

When you go on vacation, enjoying the cuisine of a new place or country should be one of the highlights. Sometimes, however, you can be stuck at a hotel or resort that lets you down when it comes to meal times. With a campervan vacation, you are in control of your food. You can cook your own dishes yourself, and shop at local markets and grocery stores, experimenting with local ingredients. If you still want to go to a restaurant, you can!

More Than a Vacation, It’s an Adventure!

You can go wherever the road takes you on a campervan vacation. You are not bound by the borders of a resort, or stuck to the schedule of a hotel. The new world you are visiting is your oyster! Whatever you like to do, you can go searching for it with a campervan holiday. Surfing and skiing are both associated with van life, but campervans are also perfect for hiking, and make a great base for whitewater sports like kayaking and rafting.

Create a Home Away from Home

The best part of vacationing in a campervan is that you can make it a home from home. You can bring creature comforts and trinkets from home, even family photographs, and they will find a place in a campervan.

The van itself is always full of character, and will likely become a member of the team in its own right. Even if you are only hiring a campervan for a few days or a week, don’t be afraid to give it a name, and show it some love. Campervans are wonderful traveling companions.

Campervan vacations are a much better way to explore your vacation destination, and can save you a little money too. Next time you are planning a trip away, think about including a campervan in your vacation plans.