5 Need-to-Know Tips for Hiking with Kids

Hiking is a great way to get exercise and bond with your child. When you are in the woods away from electronics, it is a great time to create a stronger bond. You can talk about how things are going or just enjoy the time out in nature. There is a lot to see out there, from waterfalls and mountains to beautiful plants and woodland critters. Here’s a look at some must-know tips for hiking with your child.

1. Be Prepared for Questions

In addition to being great exercise, hiking has the potential to be a learning experience for your child. Take the time to get familiar with the woods before you go. Look up some of the most common trees, plants, and animals. Then, point them out to your child. Encourage them to help you find more as you go through the woods—their ability to focus just might help them write a paper about their adventures one day. You might also inspire them to write papers like those found on Domyhomework123.com.

Something else you may want to do is bring along a camera or phone to take pictures. Have your child take pictures of anything they are interested in that you cannot identify. Then, encourage them to look at the information up once you are home. By encouraging them to explore the world around them, you are also encouraging positive habits that will make it easier for them to learn in the future.

2. Do Your Research Beforehand

You do not want to make it half-way through your trail and end up on a steep, rocky incline that your child cannot navigate. Be sure to research the available hiking trails beforehand. Find out how steep the hills are and how long it is from beginning to end. It can also be useful to pay attention to the recent weather in the area. For example, if it has been raining a lot, it can create slippery and muddy conditions that aren’t safe for inexperienced hikers to walk in. It might be best to stick to a dryer area.

3. Wear Proper Gear

Wearing proper hiking gear includes everything from clothing to footwear. When hiking, boots that have a good amount of traction will grab onto the ground and prevent slips. It is also important to wear proper clothing. If you are hiking in the sun, wearing light-colored loose-fitting clothing is ideal. Should you decide to skip the long pants and shirts, be sure to bring along sunscreen for skin protection. At a minimum, tall socks should be worn with the boots to prevent blisters and protect the ankles from prickers and burrs.

4. Come Well Prepared

Even if you are doing a short hike, you may want to bring a small backpack to help you carry a few essentials. Bring alone one for yourself and one for your child—this will teach them the importance of being prepared and help them feel important. Some good things to include in your backpack include a bottle of water, a whistle, a small snack, a flashlight, a small first aid kit, and bug spray. These are some of the items you might need if your child falls and gets hurt or if they need a snack to maintain energy through the hike. The whistle and flashlight would be useful if you were to end up off trail or get lost.

5. Pay Close Attention

Kids can get curious and wander off in less than three seconds. When you are in the woods, it is important that you keep your child in eyesight at all times. Encourage them to stay on the trail and be sure they have their own whistle that they can blow if they are lost or fall down. Keeping a watchful eye on them can prevent accidents before they happen, so do your part as a parent in keeping them safe.

Hiking is a great activity to do with your child. By following these tips, you can be safe and have fun. It’s important to remember to wear proper gear and be prepared. This includes having the right equipment as well as doing research ahead of time, so you know what you are walking into. Enjoy your time outdoors.