5 Ideas for Bedtime Routines That Every Adult Can Try Out

Having a bedtime routine as an adult is one of the smartest things that you can add to your life. It helps you to slow down after a long day to relax and rejuvenate. Today, there are a lot of things that affect the quality of sleep that you can get. For instance, sleep anxiety, insomnia, among others. Hence, when you have a bedtime routine you can put your body in a relaxing state to prepare for sleep. There are no two bedtime routines that are the same, and it important with the ideas below you can create one that works for you. Here are 5 ideas for bedtime routines that you can try out as you create your own.

1. Set an alarm 

If alarms can be set to wake you up, you can set one to signal it is time to prepare for bed. It will take a while to get used to the alarm, but if you follow it through, it will help with your bedtime routine. Once you buy yourself the best cheap mattress UK, nothing else stands in your way to getting you sleeping better than just getting to bed on time. Use the alarm to ensure you get to bed at a consistent time every night. Also, you can set a notification if you prefer it to an alarm on your phone. This will help you unplug and start your bedtime routine.

2. Make a bedtime playlist 

Creating a bedtime playlist is an ideal way to help you let go of any mental attachments. Plus, many people prefer listening to music as a part of their nighttime routine to feel less stressed. Try listening to classical music, jazz, bossa nova, and also R&B. Choose whichever feels right as you create a routine. Other than music, you can try the trending audio sleep aids to help you with sleep. Also, you can try out color noises as their frequencies help to relax your muscles, slow your thoughts, and dissolve anxiety. Explore some of these channels on YouTube and see which one works for you.

3. Write a to-do list or journal 

A to-do list will help reduce your anxiety and help you fall asleep easily. When you add bedtime writing to your bedtime routine, it is an effective mental dump that helps your mind not worry about tomorrow’s responsibilities. Plus, it comes in handy since it helps you have an itinerary for your next day. Also, you can journal and jot down your thoughts and this will help to reduce stress and it is a way to write what you are grateful for. So, take few minutes to write down your emotions and thoughts that you feel you were putting on hold all day before you sleep.

4. Drink something warm 

Add drinking something warm to your routine to help you sleep better. A warm cup of tea warms you up and gets you into a mood for bedtime. For instance, you can try chamomile tea, it helps with insomnia and also helps induce sleep. For young children, warm milk encourages them to sleep fast. Also, you can try turmeric golden milk to not only help you sleep but to combat inflammation, depression, and pain relief.

5. Use essential oils and aromatherapy 

Using aromatherapy and essential oils helps to open up your senses and help with stress management. If you have a diffuser, add your favorite essential oil an hour before bedtime. This is a great bedtime ritual to have as it is a better alternative to using sleep medication. Put drops of cedar and lavender before you get into bed and you will love the experience. If you are sensitive to allergies or smells, choose oils that will favor you.

To sum up, as you create a bedtime routine. Ensure that it is easy and it should consist of taking care of yourself. If you remain consistent, the bedtime ritual will set in even during weekends and holidays. Also, try dimming the lights and taking a warm shower. Keep it simple, and your new bedtime ritual will pay off with the quality and quantity of sleep you get.