5 Cool things to do in the Oregon Mountains

Situated on the West Coast right below Washington and just above the state of California, Oregon is quickly becoming a top destination spot for many. Though previously under the radar for many years, the Beaver state with its dynamic landscape that features waterfalls, hot springs, deserts and of course, the mountains Oregon has lots to offer.

Aside from its treasure trove of natural marvels, Oregon is popular for its urban lure. The Beaver State’s largest city Portland stands in striking contrast to the rest of the geography and is ideal for anyone looking for a break from the beaten path. The attractions in Portland range from fancy museums to immaculate rose gardens and everything in between. 

The mountains in the state alone are worthy reasons to plan a trip to Oregon. The jaw-dropping rock formations of mighty Mount Hood with snow-covered glaciers and peaks, the picturesque alpine lakes situated close by, the eye-catching wildflower trails and the spectacular rock formations are just a few reasons you should include Oregon in your future travel plans. 

If you think some fresh mountain air and the offbeat charm of Oregon will do you some good, here are 5 cool things to do in the Oregon Mountains during your visit:

Stay at a resort sans Instagram

It is bedtime and you’re finally ready to call it a night and then your phone suddenly buzzes. It’s a DM from your colleagues with yet another meme. You are already aware that you need those 7 to 8 hours of sleep for peak productivity but somehow, you cannot resist the urge to keep scrolling. Let’s face it- we have all been here before.

In an age where high-speed internet and smartphones have become the norm, unplugging just is not an option for most individuals. Going 2 hours without checking your newsfeed? Absolutely not! When you arrive at the Olallie Lake in Oregon, however, you might just be convinced to change your tune. 

Lake Olallie is nestled deep in the backwoods surrounded by views of The Cascade Mountain. Though remote, this breathtaking gem is a hermit’s seventh heaven. With no phone signal, running water or electricity, you can unplug as you spend your days and nights in one of the many rustic wooden cabins available. 

While here, you will find plenty to occupy your time from fishing for trout from the idyllic lakes to hiking through the verdant forest. Alternatively, just stop and take in the views supplied by the colossal mountain ranges. Do anything- other than check your Instagram of course, and thank us later.

Sample craft beer with a view

Oregon is home to some of the best distilleries, breweries, and cideries in America. For nature lovers and craft beer enthusiasts, Oregon has all the makings of a great vacation destination. Experience the refreshing taste of freshly made craft beer surrounded by rambling meadows and orchards in a rustic setting.

According to Kate Huber at NJGamblingFun.com, ‘’There is something about Oregon that just has a way of restoring your sanity. After being cooped up for months in the concrete jungle, Oregon has a peaceful allure. Perhaps it has something to do with the clean, fresh air that city life simply does not offer’’.

If you are coming from the city, you will love escaping from the glitz and glitter of the city life. We all need a little reprieve and Oregon’s craft beer scene might just be what the doctor ordered. Sample as much as you can including the ever-popular Northwest IPA, as well as the gluten-free beer. If you want to try as many craft beers as possible, consider leaving an entire day open as there are plenty of distilleries and taprooms to explore up in the mountains.

Tempt lady luck at the Spirit Mountain Casino

Situated in Grande Ronde, the Spirit Mountain Casino has a game for every gambler. From penny machines and table games to the impressive selection of slots, you will be pleasantly surprised by what is on offer. Most of the games are situated on the main floor and if you prefer, there is also a non-smoking gaming floor too.

When you get hungry, there are plenty of options to choose from onsite including the Cedar Plank buffet, the Mountain View Sports bar as well as a full-service restaurant that goes by Legends. Everything available on offer is nothing short of exceptional and if you are balling on a budget, everything is moderately priced too.

Don’t want to cut your fun short? The Spirit Mountain Casino also has a lodge that features deluxe rooms with contemporary interiors. If you are staying the night, be sure to check or ask if any live events are being hosted on-site.

Go Fourwheeling

There is nothing like the exhilaration of driving off a rugged terrain, and the mountains of Oregon have some of the best trails for four-wheeling. Leave all the driving and work to the professionals as you take in the open-air views from the comfort of a 4×4 or a custom-designed jeep.

Pick a driver that is well versed in the area so that you can use the best backroads. You will also need an experienced driver capable of leading you safely into hidden treasures, past the towering Oregon Mountains and waterfalls, as well as across the various streams.

Try rock climbing

Immerse yourself in the ultimate mountain experience by trying rock climbing. The Oregon Mountain’s acres of craggy outdoors will be a treat for any extreme sports lovers or anyone looking to elevate their heart rate up a bit. Everything that you need to have a great rock climbing experience is available- an impressive natural terrain, as well as high altitude companies that are eager to please.

The mountains of Oregon boast some of the best climbing spots in the country. With more than enough climbing routes that range from single pitch ascents to complex multi-pitch pathways, you will have plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the marvelous views.  

Final Thoughts

Not many states can compete with the picturesque untamed beauty and the diversity of the Beaver State. Between the heights of the splendid mountains and the spectacular waterfalls lies a world that is begging to be discovered and explored. When there is beauty all around you, why would you want to go elsewhere?