4 Hiking and Biking Trails Near Lancaster, TX

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This city of Lancaster, Texas, is located a short distance from exciting downtown Dallas. Also known as The Shining Star of Texas, it provides an enjoyable respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The quaint community offers a variety of entertainment options, including numerous hiking and biking trails for all interest and skill levels. Here are four popular trails in Lancaster that will get your adrenaline pumping and your soul soaring.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

The well-maintained Cedar Ridge Preserve offers nine miles of paths for hiking through landscapes filled with wildflowers, birds, and mature trees.  The 13 different trails provide different levels of challenges for a varied running experience on each visit. The facilities here are especially conscious of those with mobility issues and offer many options that are accessible to all.

The education center and Bluestem Trail is perfect for the entire family, including leashed dogs. When you want to catch your breath after your cardio workout, the preserve welcomes picnics and breaks to see the scenic Joe Pool Lake and Blackland Prairies.

Lake Carolyn Bike and Jogging Trail

Take in a quick hike while sticking closer to the city at the Lake Carolyn Bike and Jogging Trail. This shorter trail surrounds Lake Carolyn and is near many conveniently located hotels, giving visitors a welcome outdoor experience. Both the trail and lake are kept very clean all year, making it an inviting spot for picnics and a game of fetch with your dog after your invigorating bike or hike.

Chaparral Rail Trail

For the more adventurous, take a trip to the Chaparral Rail Trail which currently offers 35 miles of paved, pebbled, and dirt trails. The paths currently connect four counties, but planned developments will grow the routes to span over 130 miles through 19 communities.

Along with biking and hiking options, parts of the trails welcome horses, too. Despite the intimidating breadth of options available along the Chaparral Rail Trail, the paths pass many roads and establishments for breaks and exit opportunities. One of the largest and most popular trails in the area, the Chaparral Rail Trail is a must-visit stop for any avid hiker or biker.

Arbor Hills Trail

Paved and natural pathways cover the 200 acres of the Arbor Hills Trail wooded nature preserve. All ages and skill levels will revel in the variety of trails offered throughout the local prairie grass and wildflower-covered areas. Come for the hiking and biking, but spend the entire day enjoying the outdoors since this park provides open spaces for picnics, public restrooms, covered pavilions, a playground, and a dog-friendly policy. Keep your binoculars handy — this preserve is home to many local bird species and forest animals.

Whether you’re interested in a gentle stroll or crave a little more adventure, Lancaster has the hiking and biking trails to meet your needs. The next time you’re looking for some fresh air, be sure to run, jog, or pedal your way through some of Lancaster’s gorgeous outdoor spaces.